BJP Goverment Has Promised To Giveaway Free Laptops With 1GB Internet If Party Wins The UP Elections

The BJP Goverment has planned to give away free Laptops with 1 GB Free Internet Data. The Government is all set to distribute the Laptops to the Youth if the party is getting the majority votes in the coming Uttar Pradesh Elections and they win this election. Bhartiya Janta Party President shri Amit Shah has revel the manifesto to announce the free laptop scheme with 1GB Free Internet to all the Uttar Pradesh student without any discrimination in any caste , bias , and all. free laptop scheme with 1GB Free Internet is different from the  Akhilesh Yadav free laptop scheme. In the education feild it is a big oppurtunity and wonderful advatange to all the Uttar Pradesh student to  take advantage for this free laptop scheme in UP. 

It is known that the Country India is moving on towards the Digital India and there are many possibilities to make it true. Already the companies like Reliance Jio are making it possible for the entire nation to move towards the digital system. It is expected that the whole country will soon be fully digital powered. Now in India the biggest state Uttar Pradesh is going to polls and the bhartiya Janta Party karya karta set the arrange systematically meeting with Uttar Pradesh people in a location or area, specially one regarded as secluded or remote area in Uttar Pradesh..Amit shah said ;   Bhartiya Janta Party when will come in  uttar Pradesh they will provide free Wi-Fi for all the colleges and universities and also that those student scoring 50 per cent in 12th class they get the free education till graduation.

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