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Sunday, 7 August 2016

How to Lock Any Specific Apps in Windows 10

Secure the apps of your windows 10 from being used by unauthorized persons by locking the app with the help of third party tool to lock any particular app with password explained in the guide.

As we all know, windows 10 free upgrade is available to everyone and many of you might have already installed windows 10 on your computer. Therefore, today we have stated the great tip that you will surely love to try in your windows 10 PC as here we are going to tell the way to lock any particular app in windows 10 PC. Yes its possible and even any non technical person can implement this in their PC. As sometimes you face a situation where you don’t want someone to use any particular app or game in your Windows 10 PC and that time you are unable to get any solution. So with this guide, you will be ready for that. As with the help of this, you can easily lock any of the app. So have a look on complete guide discussed below to proceed.

How to Lock Specific Apps in Windows 10

The method is quite easy and you will have to use a simple third party tool that will help you to lock any of particular apps in windows with the password security. So follow the complete steps below to proceed.

Steps To Lock Specific Apps in Windows 10:

  • First of all in your windows 10 PC, download and install the app My Lockbox software the tool that will lock your apps.
  • After installing this app, launch the app in your OS and then the tool will ask you to  set up a password and that will be for locking the apps you want. And also you need to enter the hint and the email address for recovering the password.

  • Now click on the browse option and there you need to select the folder where the app is installed which you want to lock and windows OS the apps are installed in the location C:\Program Files (x86) there select the folder of the apps that you want to lock.

  • Now the app will get locked and whenever anyone will try to access the app, it will get the error message.

  • And now if you want to access that app then simply navigate to My Lockbox control panel and then click on Unlock button there and then you need to enter the password to unlock it.
Thats it you are done, now you can access that app.

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