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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Android Oreo 8.0: All Thing You Need To Know

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Google has officially named Android Oreo as the next version of Android. Google launches it in a unique way. Because it was launched exactly when it completed solar eclipse of 99 years in the United States. Google has introduced this similar to Android in this launch video. Since this time the company has launched Android Oreo, Oreo Biscuit has been shown to be like the sun in the video. The video is quite interesting and in this video the solar eclipse is shown from the oreo biscuit.

Like every time Google has made several major changes this time too. Although its preview has already arrived, so much of its features we have already told you. Since this is the final build, so there are some changes in it.

Specifications of Android Oreo 8.0

Faster than before

The company claims that it will be 2X faster than the previous Android. Tasks will work faster and boot speed will also be faster.

Background Limits

Android Oreo will reduce the background activity of apps that you use less. You can not see it, but this will increase the speed too.


Autofill feature will be used for logging in any account with the permission of the user. You can use it to quickly log into your favorite app.


Because of this feature in Android Oreo, you can use two apps at a time. For example, you can use any other app while making a video call from someone. You will also be seeing what you are talking about in the corner of your screen.

Switch from one app to another app quickly

By clicking on the notification dots, you can see what's new and you just have to swipe to clear it.

Instant Application

Without the app installed, you can use the app directly from the browser. In this case, mobile memory will also be saved. Because many times we just download the app to use it once and then it remains months. However, it is supported in select applications only.


Google Play Protector with Android O is the most important one. Google has claimed that every day Google Play Protect scans 50 billion apps. The purpose of this is to make Android smartphones safer, since most malware comes from installing the wrong app.

Battery life

Like this last time, the company has claimed that this version has given features to save battery. The company says that even if you play games, work video stream, but you will get full battery life.

New Emoji

Emoji will be used to use it Now, with this version of Android, many new emoji will be available. Google added 60 new emoji to Android Oreo. Apart from this, the old emoji has also been designed in a new way.

There will also be an Android TV feature

After this feature, users will be able to watch movies while using other apps. That is, if you are also using another app while watching the video, the video will not be closed. This feature will prove to be better for multi-tasking.

A special feature for Bluetooth audio

High quality audio codecs have been provided in Android O, which also has an LDAC codec. In addition to this there is also the AAudio API for high performance apps.

New WiFi Feature

This time there will be some changes in WiFi options. There are two devices via WiFi Aware Internet access as well as WiFi point a feature which will be able to Communicate with each other.

Will your smartphone have an Android O update?

Google has also announced availability of Android Oreo. From today it will be available to download under the Google Open Source project. The OTA update will first come in Google's pixels and Nexus devices, which are currently undergoing testing.

Obviously not available in all Android smartphones. Only select smartphones will get Android O updates. If you have Google's smartphones, you will get an update soon. Apart from pixels and Nexus smartphones, Nokia and One Plus too have promised to give Android O in their flagship smartphones soon.

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